WP Rocket Review: Will it really help?

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Last modified Apr. 06 2023

WP Rocket is a popular caching plugin designed specifically for WordPress websites. It was launched in 2013 to address the issue of slow loading websites and confusing caching plugins. Since then, it has become a market leader due to its user-friendly interface, minimal setup, and excellent support.

WP Rocket has impressed many users with its performance and ease of use. It offers advanced options that are not available in other caching plugins, making it an excellent choice for those looking to optimize their website's speed and performance. The plugin has been praised for its ability to clean up clutter, speed up pages, and pass Core Web Vitals with ease.

Many users have reported significant improvements in their website's loading times after using WP Rocket. The plugin has been shown to decrease Largest Contentful Paint time by up to 65.1%, which is excellent news for those looking to improve their website's Page Experience.

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin that was launched in 2013. Its main purpose is to speed up WordPress websites by caching pages, images, and other static content. WP Rocket is known for its easy-to-use interface, minimal setup, and great support, which quickly established its presence as a market-leader.

WP Rocket is an all-encompassing caching plugin specifically built for WordPress. It solves the problem of both slow loading websites and confusing caching plugins. WP Rocket is easy to install and configure, and it doesn't require any technical knowledge to use. It is currently used on over 1 million websites and is both easy to use and full-featured.

WP Rocket has impressive customizability and advanced options that you won't get with any other caching plugin. It is designed to help clean up clutter, speed up pages, and tick all the boxes to pass Core Web Vitals. WP Rocket is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to speed up their WordPress website without spending too much time on configuration.

WP Rocket Features

WP Rocket is a caching plugin that provides a range of features designed to speed up WordPress websites. Here are some of the key features:

Page Caching

Page caching is the most basic caching method, and WP Rocket does it well. It creates static HTML files of your WordPress pages and serves them to visitors instead of dynamically generating each page on every request. This reduces server load and speeds up page load times.

Cache Preloading

Cache preloading is a feature that helps ensure your website is always fast, even for first-time visitors. WP Rocket automatically crawls your website and generates the cache for all your pages, so when a visitor requests a page, it's already cached and ready to go.

Static Files Compression

WP Rocket compresses all your website's static files, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This reduces the size of these files and speeds up page load times. WP Rocket also minifies these files, which removes unnecessary white space and comments, further reducing their size.

Images on Request

Images on request is a feature that helps reduce page load times by only loading images when they are needed. WP Rocket replaces all the images on your website with placeholders, and then loads the images when the visitor scrolls down to them. This means that images are only loaded when they are needed, reducing page load times and saving bandwidth.

Developer Friendly

WP Rocket is designed to be developer-friendly, with a range of features that allow developers to customize the plugin to their needs. WP Rocket provides a range of hooks and filters that allow developers to modify the plugin's behavior, and it also provides a range of advanced settings that allow developers to fine-tune the plugin's caching behavior.

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How WP Rocket Works

WP Rocket is a caching plugin that improves website performance by reducing page loading times. It does this by generating static HTML files from dynamic WordPress pages and serving them to visitors instead of generating the pages every time a visitor requests them. This section will discuss how WP Rocket works and its different features.

Installation and Configuration

WP Rocket is easy to install and configure. After purchasing the plugin, users can download the installation file from their account dashboard and upload it to their WordPress site. Once activated, WP Rocket automatically starts caching pages, and users can adjust the plugin's settings to optimize their website's performance further. WP Rocket also provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to configure the plugin's settings.

Cache Expiration

WP Rocket's cache expiration feature ensures that cached pages are updated regularly to reflect changes made to the website. Users can set the cache expiration time to ensure that pages are updated frequently enough to reflect changes to the website without generating too much server load.

Database Optimization

WP Rocket optimizes the WordPress database by removing unnecessary data such as post revisions, spam comments, and transients. This optimization reduces the size of the database and improves website performance by reducing the time it takes to retrieve data from the database.

CDN Integration

WP Rocket integrates with content delivery networks (CDNs) to further improve website performance. Users can choose to use WP Rocket's own CDN service, called RocketCDN, or a third-party CDN service such as KeyCDN, Bunny CDN, or StackPath. WP Rocket's CDN integration reduces the load on the website's server by serving static files from CDN servers closer to the visitor.

Multisite Compatibility

WP Rocket is compatible with WordPress multisite networks. Users can activate WP Rocket on a multisite network and configure settings for individual sites or apply settings network-wide. WP Rocket's multisite compatibility makes it easy to manage caching settings for multiple sites from a single dashboard.

WP Rocket Pricing

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin that offers three different pricing plans. The pricing is based on the number of websites you want to use the plugin on.

The first plan is the Single plan, which costs $59 per year and provides product updates and support for one website. The Plus plan costs $119 per year and provides product updates and support for up to three websites. The Infinite plan costs $299 per year and provides product updates and support for an unlimited number of websites.

WP Rocket offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the plugin, you can get a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

WP Rocket's pricing may seem high compared to other caching plugins, but it offers a lot of features and excellent support. The plugin is easy to use and can significantly improve your website's performance, which can lead to increased traffic and revenue.

Overall, WP Rocket is an excellent investment for website owners who want to improve their website's speed and performance. The pricing plans are reasonable, and the plugin offers a lot of value for the money.

WP Rocket Pros and Cons

WP Rocket is a popular caching plugin for WordPress that promises to speed up your website and improve its performance. While it has many benefits, it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of before making a purchase decision. Here are some of the pros and cons of WP Rocket:

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  • Easy to use: WP Rocket is known for its user-friendly interface and easy setup process. You don't need to be a technical expert to use it.
  • Great performance: WP Rocket consistently delivers fast load times and improved website performance, thanks to its powerful caching features.
  • Regular updates: WP Rocket is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and to fix any bugs or issues.
  • Excellent support: WP Rocket offers great customer support, with a knowledgeable team that is available to help you with any issues you might encounter.
  • Advanced features: WP Rocket offers a range of advanced features that allow you to customize your caching settings and optimize your website's performance even further.


  • Price: WP Rocket is more expensive than many other caching plugins on the market, which may be a drawback for budget-conscious website owners.
  • No free version: Unlike some other caching plugins, WP Rocket does not offer a free version, which means you need to pay upfront to try it out.
  • Not suitable for all websites: While WP Rocket works well for most WordPress websites, it may not be the best choice for websites with complex caching needs or those that use certain plugins or themes that are not compatible with it.

Overall, WP Rocket is a powerful caching plugin that offers many benefits for WordPress website owners. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully to determine whether it is the right choice for your specific needs and budget.

WP Rocket Alternatives

While WP Rocket is a popular caching plugin for WordPress, it is not the only option available. There are several WP Rocket alternatives that offer similar features and benefits. Here are a few of the most notable alternatives:

Plugin Features Price
Nitropack Caching, file minification, media optimization Expensive
FlyingPress All-in-one optimization, lightweight, easy to use Affordable
W3 Total Cache Caching, minification, CDN integration Free
WP Fastest Cache Caching, minification, database cleanup Free and paid options

Nitropack is one of the most expensive WP Rocket alternatives, but it offers all the classic features of a premium WordPress caching plugin. FlyingPress is a lightweight and affordable all-in-one optimization plugin that can instantly boost your site's Core Web Vitals. W3 Total Cache and WP Fastest Cache are both free alternatives that offer caching, minification, and other optimization features.

Other notable WP Rocket alternatives include WP Super Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, WPOptimize, Swift Performance, WP Performance Score Booster, Autoptimize, Breeze, Cache Enabler, and more. Each of these plugins has its own unique features and benefits, so it's important to do your research and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.


WP Rocket is an excellent caching plugin that can help websites clean clutter, speed up their pages, and pass Core Web Vitals. The plugin offers impressive customizability and advanced options that cannot be found in other caching plugins. However, it comes with a hefty price tag that might not be worth it for some users.

Based on the reviews and test data, WP Rocket has shown remarkable improvements in website load times and number of requests. The plugin also offers ease of use, support, and regular updates, making it a great option for those who are willing to invest in their website's performance.

Overall, WP Rocket is a solid choice for those who want to optimize their website's speed and performance. While it may not be the most affordable option, its features and perks make it a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize website speed and user experience.

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