How I Can Help


Prioritizing critical features is essential for businesses. Understanding how to focus on the top 20% of requests that drive the top 80% of revenue and growth is crucial for success.
Bringing clarity to customer asks
Solving customer problems

Marketing Framework

Your GTM or go-to-market strategy framework is critical to your business or startup's longevity and success. The key is understanding price, market, fit, complexity, customer, relationships, and touch.
People vs. companies
Finding your mark
Sales vs marketing

Crowdsource Funding

Funding is not always necessary, but sometimes it gives the edge you need to market faster or accelerate your growth. I help with crowdsource funding, a new model allowing you to raise funds without giving up equity.
50k-250k raises
No equity

Have a great idea? Looking to Skyrocket your Business?

Have a great idea and product or looking to accelerate your growth or raise funds? Feel free to get in touch so we can discuss your business growth goals.
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